Sunday, 11 March 2012

Concert Review: Rachael Yamagata - Live! in Singapore 2012

Above: Rachael Yamagata (Meh quality, I know)

Rachael Yamagata is one of those artists worth seeing live.

Back for the fourth time since her very first concert in 2007, she was the same old candid self, seducing the crowd with her witty banter and charming vocals. This was also her first concert since parting ways with Warner Bros. Records and self-releasing her third LP Chesapeake.

Kicking off with an upbeat "Even If I Don't", she serenaded the house with an assortment of new and old ballads including "Letter Read" and "Starlight" while alternating between the piano and guitar. The mood turned sombre when she launched into "Elephants" and "Sunday Afternoon", both taken off her Elephants album, leaving the audience in spellbound silence.

Her early hits "Be Be Your Love" and "Worn Me Down" (given a bluesy makeover) were evident crowd pullers, as the fans eagerly lapped up both songs.

Even though she was nursing a cold, nothing seemed to stop her. That is, until she hit a snag on "Dealbreaker", where her voice cracked and her bassist had to fill in the high notes. She wrapped up the set with a heartfelt rendition of "Reason Why", striking a chord with everyone like she did many times before.

Singapore can't wait for her to get back here soon enough.

Rachael Yamagata - Live!
Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore
Thursday, February 23, 2012

1. Even If I Don't
2. Letter Read
3. Starlight
4. Elephants
5. Sunday Afternoon
6. Saturday Morning
7. Full On
8. Be Be Your Love
9. Worn Me Down
10. Dealbreaker

11. You Won't Let Me
12. Meet Me By The Water
13. Reason Why


  1. I love RY!!, she is my favorite artist ever and I can't wait to see her life in Oslo in about a month!! :)

    And I'm going to ask you a very very stupid question :S, I am escaping from my training camp just to go see her concert, and I could get in a lot of trouble (I'll be worth it hehe)

    But I was wondering: how long is the concert?, in Oslo it will start at 8PM, from your experience, when will it be done? (Cause let's be honest I won't have the will to leave until the last chord of Reason Why :P)

    Hope you can help me :)


    1. Hi Carla!

      I'm terribly sorry I just read your comment!

      I love RY too and I believe you had a great time at her Oslo show. Must have been worth 'escaping' from your training camp. Hee hee.

      Based on experience, she usually plays a set that's around 1 1/2 hours long?



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